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There are many ways to take participate to the project, here's the list of increasing committments:

  • Visiting the space during the opening schedule
  • Volounteering 
  • Helping with workshops, classes, markets or events
  • Becoming a member of the Community Garden association and taking care of the garden
  • Taking more responsabilites in order to develop the project
  • Becoming a member of the board of directors

You want to help us? We work at the garden every day,  from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 1 pm. Sometimes we are at the garden on Saturday/Sunday, if we have some special events going on.


The ACTIVITIES  we have at the garden are: 


1) GARDENING: watering, filling the clay pots, weeding, transplanting, harvesting fruits, herbs, seeds or whatever.. 


2) MAINTENANCE: sweeping, collecting the leaves into the white bags for composting, keeping the space in order, fixing things or tools... 


3) PRODUCTSI: creating aromatic herbs salt or infusions, creating objects with seeds or othe green gadgets... 


4) COMMUNICATION: managing little work-groups, working with graphic design, writing posts for the blog, translating, distributing flyers or placing posters, photgraphing, making videos, painting, drawing, sculpturing...


5) TOOLS: building furniture, structures, tools needed for the project...


6) EVENTS: helping organizing little events, assisting in workshops, little markets, brunches or aperitivos... 


Here's our BOARD, always up to date, with all the activities we plan to develop (sorry, it's only in Italian):  


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